The barricades were put up over the weekend as the bureau warned about an increase of threats against federal officials. Federal law enforcement officers are facing “real” and “imminent” threats, according to the head of the FBI Agents Association.
Hoffman also pointed out how the FBI is used to being threatened by criminals, but recently, the threats have gone mainstream and now ordinary citizens are threatening law enforcement.


  1. Tom Stone says:

    Gosh, do you think these threats might have something to do with the FBI’s behavior over the decades?
    Cointelpro, the lab scandal, Whitey Bulger, Ruby Ridge, lying to the the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to get a warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign on behalf of Both the Obama Admin and the Clinton campaign, the “Plot” to kidnap Governor Whitmer which was timed for just before the 2020 election…The punishment for the cold blooded murder of Sammy and Vicki Weaver was paid administrative leave, the punishment for lying to the FISC was 400 hours of community service. These are just a few examples of FBI criminal behavior and the lack of punishment that resulted.
    There are many more.
    To quote the then Chief Justice of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Rosemary Collyer “The FBI has an institutionalized lack of Candor”.
    The USA is one additional incredibly stupid move away from chaos and the FBI is a big reason for that.


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