A minor earthward-directed Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) already hit Earth’s magnetic field on Wednesday. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) expects a more powerful earthbound CME to strike Thursday-Friday. 

SWPC has already issued geomagnetic storm watches for a minor geomagnetic storm today, a strong geomagnetic storm on Thursday, and a moderate one on Friday.

The impacts will be insignificant now, but that could change tomorrow as a strong geomagnetic storm can spark power grid fluctuations, create satellite irregularities, and degrade radio and GPS signals. SWPC’s storm severity scale is 1-5. 

A visual of the CME impacts on modern society. 

Here’s more from spaceweather

On Aug. 14th, a dark plasma eruption hurled one CME toward Earth. On Aug. 15th, an exploding magnetic filament launched another CME right behind it. The two CMEs will arrive together on Aug.18th, according to the latest forecast model from NOAA:

This could be a “Cannibal CME” event. In other words, the second CME might overtake and gobble up the first, creating a mish-mash of the two. Cannibal CMEs contain tangled magnetic fields and compressed plasmas that sometimes spark strong geomagnetic storms.



  1. COtt says:

    If you really want to do a deep dive into what the sun can actually do/what it’s doing/what it will do, I would suggest spaceweathernews.com, run by a gentleman by the name of Ben Davidson. It will open your eyes.

    I stumbled onto his site during the lockdowns when I wanted to learn about the floods from Lake Missoula, which led me to Randall Carlson (check out the Rogan podcast with him and Graham Hancock). Listening to him took me down the rabbit hole and potentially filled in a number of glaring holes in early human history about 13,000-10,000 years ago. Did you know that almost every major native tribe in North and South America has a flood origin myth?

    Younger Dryas, Atlantis, green Sahara.

    I need to stop typing, cause I’ll start to sound crazy. Check it out for yourself. I have a hard time trying to logically explain this to people I know, but if your a student of history, it starts to make alot of sense.


    1. Shawn says:

      I am subbed to him already . have been for years


      1. COtt says:

        Fellow Observer…Nice!


  2. Maybe the higher bands will finally come back to life again. It’s been decades since I’ve bothered trying to work anyone on 10 meters…


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