Karl has a real special one for us today.

What a cool gun, The Colt left Hartford in 1968, and was likely in SoCal by 1970 or so to get built. While Swenson may not be best known for his Bullsesye builds, though his accuracy improvements on most all his guns make them shoot like BE guns. I shot a couple mags of 185 SWC target loads thru this today at my 8″ gong @ 50 yards, and it was very consistently banging the steel. Given the low miles on this gun, and the location of the corrosion on the dustcover, I would guess it owner retired after only a few seasons, and it waited all these years to be found in the Pachmayr gun box it rode in to matches. . . .- KGB



  1. Those almost look like factory S&W Model 41 grips.


    1. LSWCHP says:

      I like accurate guns and that is certainly fine craftsmanship, but jeez that sight rig sure spoils the lines of the gun.


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