Kentucky fall skwack season starts tomorrow, Saturday the 20th. Anyone who has read the website or the old site knows its one of my passions. I’m going to hunt them pretty hard all weekend and the following week. A sort of little vacation for me. So expect not that much daily posting this weekend or next week. I will likely do daily updates on any luck I have and maybe some stuff at night but It won’t be the 4-5 posts a day every day for a bit.

I managed to get 6 boxes of 16gauge shells and two boxes of 12. So I am good. I doubt I will have the luck I had last year. My lifetime achievement of 100 kills in a season. I have no intention of breaking that record anyway or even trying to equal it. That just seems greedy. Anyway, expect a little bit of a slow down from me.



  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Get spme!


  2. Wild, wild west says:

    Get SOME, dammit.


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