Today( Saturday but It’s probably Monday when you read this) was finally opening day. Terrible heat and humidity. Waited till my normal evening time and started climbing the mountain to hunt. I got to the area I sort of consider the spot I officially start hunting as opposed to climbing and wasn’t there 5 minutes when one started barking. It was in a oak tree beside a hickory tree I was leaning again against. I had to take a straight up shot. I regretted bring the 12 gauge. Got a kill and a headache. Shot was so vertical that shot rained back down on me.

I heard several more but unfortunately a light rain started and the humidity rose so much my glasses kept fogging to the point I couldn’t see. So I gave it up for the evening.

I don’t expect to approach last season’s total of 100. I don’t really want to either. That turned stressful towards the end and it was too hard on the population of squirrels on my mountain. The amount I kill this week will give me a better idea how many are still around and about what I can take this year. I want to remind you I am on a quasi vacation this week for hunting and posts will not be as numerous as they usually are during the week.


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