Sad to say some shill, click bait company bought Kevin’s old site and now posts a few shit tier smooth brained “articles.” The good news in all this is that they did leave his old content still on place. Of course they did because that is what draws the real clicks. It’s a disgusting development. but, as the Japanese say ” It can’t be helped”. My advice is to go there with an ad blocker on to at least deny them ad revenue from Kevin’s legacy.



  1. James says:

    Dammit,sad to hear that,perhaps though they will read enough of Kevin’s writing to know that to fuck with it is site suicide.

    I will say if site ever again for sale please give a heads up,I will buy it and have a tech savvy friend maintain site in it’s original/final form.

    I get Kevin would want others to move on and start their own sites for future generations,that said,we forget history we forget ourselves and those that have moved on to next chapter in life.

    I will be keeping a eye on said site in future.


  2. James says:

    OK,visited and not as bad as I thought,main page will directly lead you to Kevin’s articles/archive.

    Again,feel Kevin would have said to get/go/gone and start your own site you have a plan but at least the original content up.

    Imagine as the 80% law kicked in yesterday with the atf changing wording 2 days before it goes into effect(so much for 120 day comment rule!)and a judge letting it slide the fun Kevin and all of us would have had!

    Finding our own definitions of “ghost guns”/wondering how long till rectangle blocks of aluminum need to be numbered/the strange new noise heard around the country as thousands of hobbyists mills/lathes/3D printers kicked in with the “brrrrrr……..”sound.

    I guess the best we can hope for is this opens the door to new folks who can visit the past writings.


  3. BAP45 says:

    I left a comment asking if said team had any connection to ole Hognose and it was promptly deleted. Not sure what that was all about.


    1. Shawn says:

      you know damn well what thats all about lol


      1. BAP45 says:

        I left comments on the looser rounds site too and they were deleted too. Funny, it both instances I didn’t say anything derogatory. Just “oh its a long story, follow me over and I’ll fill you in.”

        Speaking of Weaponsman, does anyone know how to clone a site? there is a copy of it that I had been using before hand that has most of the photos etc, just missing the last few articles after his passing. Maybe we could clone a copy over here for safe keeping? Call it “Kevin’s” or “Hognose’s” to avoid any arguments over it being a copy.


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