I’m old fashioned I guess when it comes to optics. I don’t buy new models very often. I stick with what I know as long as it works and am slow to adopt new technology. I have been using an Aimpoint M2 RDS, Eotech 512 HWS and Leupold 3×9 for years. When I do buy something new, it is usually an older model on clearance or something. It is hard for me to get excited about new release optics because the new optic models typically seem to be over-hyped and over-priced.

Since I scour the internet on a regular basis for firearms and optic information, I have subscribed to newsletters from most major manufacturers, one of those being Sig Sauer. On August 9th, 2022 I got an advertising email from Sig Sauer. The top item in the email caught my attention.

Screen capture of Sig Sauer August 9th, 2022 email headline

In the headline I saw a neat-looking (that’s important right?), compact, solar-powered red dot sight with opaque flip-down lens caps. The headline text stated “Romeo4S Red Dot Sights Limited Quantities of Certified Refurbished On Sale Now”. They had my attention, so I scrolled a little farther down in the email.

Screen capture of Sig Sauer August 9th, 2022 email headline

When I saw that the MSRP on the Romeo4S was $569.99 and these refurbished models were available for $239.99 I decided to do some more research since I wasn’t familiar with the Romeo4S at all at this time. If you follow the “Buy The Romeo4S Now” button in the image above (it isn’t live in the .jpg above) you will go here: https://www.sigsauer.com/romeo4s-1×20-mm-certified-refurbished.html?utm_campaign=Optics_Sale_Aug_2022&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua

Here is a product video that is shown on the same page:

The Romeo4S is one of three models in the Sig-Sauer Romeo family of red dot sights. The three models in the Romeo family are the Romeo4H, Romeo4S and the Romeo4T.

The Romeo4T is intended to compete with high-end red dot sights like Aimpoint by having many military specification features such as 7075 aluminum components (this Romeo4S is 6061 aluminum), red lense laser filter coating, waterproof at 20 meters for 1 hour just to name a few.

There are two different SKU’s for the refurbished Romeo4S and there are two SKU’s for the standard retail Romeo4S. The differences between each SKU are 1 MOA dot vs. 2 MOA and 2 MOA Red Dot Ballistic Circle Dot reticle vs. Ballistic Circle Quadplex

Here are the product specifications for the refurbished SKU’s.

The sight also has 10 daytime settings and 2 night vision settings. The sight body color for both SKU’s is ‘Graphite’ which is a grey metallic color. Here are some additional product details from the Sig Sauer link above.


– Designed for modern semi-automatic pistols, MSR platforms and shotguns
– Short and medium range engagements and recreational shooting across a wide range of calibers and light conditions
– Extremely strong and light CNC aluminum housing
– Runtime in excess of 100,000 hours with solar and battery usage
– Comes standard with see-through lens covers and quick-release mount
– Ballistic Circle-Dot and Ballistic Circle QuadPex reticle options
– Users can select from 4 different integrated reticle options (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot with Holds, Circle-Dot with Holds)
– Unlimited eye relief to acquire aiming point and target, regardless of eye position behind sight.
– MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up or down when sensing motion
– Uses an ultra-efficient red LED illumination for daylight visibility and extended runtime
– True co-witness QR mount and low mount included
– Strong, lightweight aircraft-grade CNC aluminum housing
– Waterproof, IPX-7 rated, and fog-proof.

Let’s start looking at the product itself. The Romeo4S comes in a very nice, sturdy grey cardboard type box that is hinged in the back.

Front view of product box.


When you open the box and rotate the top backwards, you reveal a Styrofoam protective insert covering the box contents.

In the box are the following items:

  • Romeo4S 1x20mm Compact Red Dot Sight
  • CR2032 Battery (1)
  • Flip Back Lens Covers (see through)
  • Low Profile Torx Mount
  • QD Mount
  • Lens Cloth
  • Torx Tool
  • Rubber lens covers (bikini cover)
  • Owners Manual

The owner’s manual is 19 pages with pages 18 and 19 empty for the owner to make notes.

The image below shows the low profile Torx 1913 mount, the Torx tool and the CR2032 battery.

1913 Tork low profile mount
Opposite side of the 1913 Torx low profile mount
Left side of the Romeo4S with the QD locking latch visible

In the image below you can see some of the detail of the quick-detach locking lever, the + and – adjustment button for intensity and reticle changes, the solar panel and elevation adjustment knob.

Rear left 3/4 view

In the image below you can see some detail of the elevation and windage adjustment knobs, the large cover is for the 2032 battery compartment

Right rear 3/4 view
Right side view
Front right-side 3/4 view
Front view
Front left-side 3/4 view

In the image below you get a better view of the quick-detachment details.

Bottom view of the sight/QD mount

In the image below, the clear lense covers are opened and flipped down under spring tension.

Left side view with lens covers opened.

The image below is the view looking through the sight. Visible in this image is the ‘see through’ channel of the sight mount.

Overall, I feel there are three features that make this optic a great deal for its price.

  1. Changeable reticle
  2. Supplemental Solar Power
  3. Motion Activated Illumination (Sig Sauer calls it MOTAC technology)


One feature about this sight that I thought was neat was the user’s ability to change between four different reticles. You can have a regular single dot, a dot with BDC holds, a circle-dot or a circle-dot with BDC holds.

Image of the ‘circle-dot with BDC holds’ from the Sig Sauer website

The user presses the “+” and “-” button on the left side of the sight unit at the same time to change reticle patterns. After a brief look, I think I like the ‘circle dot’ reticle the best, but we shall see.


Sig Sauer states that:

“Solar models will provide runtime approaching 100,000 hours under normal inside/outside use and will operate with or without a battery.”

Close-up view of the solar power cell on the top of the Sig Sauer Romeo4S

That is pretty significant statement and capability for an optic like this. I believe some of the Holosun optics have similar capability, but I haven’t handled or used any Holosun optics yet. I have seen some industry conversations where it is speculated that Holosun actually makes these for Sig Sauer but I haven’t seen anything that I would consider to be legitimate sources to date.


Sig Sauer has equipped this site with MOTAC motion sensing power activation. Sig Sauer doesn’t give a definitive translation of the MOTAC acronym. However, they provide this technology definition on their website.

MOTAC definition graphic from the Sig Sauer website

I tested the MOTAC activation some and it seems to be very sensitive and functioned flawlessly so far.


Unboxing the sight was uneventful. Although the Sig Sauer website says that this sight would have blemishes, I can’t see any obvious defects. I feel like the sight was a great buy for my final purchase price of $260.63. My one complaint involved the CR2032 battery. The adhesive cover on the connection side of the battery left a significant amount of adhesive residue on the battery connection surface. I used just a bit of ‘Goo Gone’ to remove the adhesive residue. I made sure the battery connection surface was dry and clear of solvent before installing it in the sight.

I will be installing this red dot sight on one of my Colt carbines that doesn’t have an optic. I’m thinking it will probably be my LE6960 mid-length gas system carbine. I will get this combination to the range in the coming month and do a follow-up piece here. Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    If it does what it says it does, with Aimpoint-like durability and reliability, that’s a whale of a sight, even at MSRP. I’m interested in how accurate are the BDC holds.


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