A new report from the gun blog website AmmoLand Shooting Sports News claims that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents are paying visits to law-abiding gun owners’ houses to confiscate solvent trap components. 

AmmoLand’s John Crump claims, “multiple law-abiding gun owners have contacted me about visitations by ATF agents attempting to get the individuals to hand over solvent trap components purchased on GunBroker.”

This is a solvent trap. 

Solvent traps are devices that can be used when cleaning firearms to catch the cleaning solution if poured down the barrel. The device helps prevent mess and if in the field, can help prevent harmful chemicals from being dumped into the environment. They can also be used as makeshift silencers.

We pointed out earlier this year that ATF considered solvent traps as suppressors. This comes as some gun owners legally bought the devices and manufactured them into homemade suppressors, then filed a National Firearms Act “Form 1” with the ATF and paid a $200 tax to own them legally. 

Crump provides an example of ATF agents showing up at a man’s house earlier this month. Agents demanded he turn over solvent trap components:

“On the week of August 14th, a Louisiana man was visited by an ATF agent who demanded he turn over solvent trap components that were acquired through GunBroker Auction seller RifleRemedy2000. The ATF agent produced the Warning Notice pictured below. The man, fearing retribution and unwanted persecution by the rogue agency, agreed to sign a letter stating he had destroyed the items and no longer possessed the items the ATF has now deemed to be suppressors regulated by the NFA.”

Source:AmmoLand: The second page of the Warning Notice purchase of solvent traps from Gunbroker.com account “RifleRemedy2000.”

Then there’s this. On Thursday, a Florida man recorded ATF agents demanding he turn over the device. 

“This video was captured by Nick, a Charlotte County, Florida man who multiple ATF agents visit his home. Nick had purchased solvent trap components through GunBroker seller RifleRemedy2000 and had paid for the tax stamp to complete a form 1 self-made suppressor.

“Apparently, the man had enough solvent trap components to make more than one, self-manufactured suppressor, and the ATF was demanding that he hand over the materials to the ATF for confiscation and destruction. This man exercised his right to remain silent and asked the ATF to “come back with a warrant.” — Crump

The video provides a unique view of an encounter between a private citizen and federal agents who deliberately intimidated the man. Gun Owners of America (GOA) posted the video of the conversation. 

Here’s commentary from GOA on the video above. 


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