This 1971 series 70 comp gun was built by Richard Heinie circa 84 and features a dual compensator, low mount Bomar sight, Barsto barrel, swaged magwell, and a Hoag grip safety. It’s cloaked in high polish blue over hard chrome, and shod in Craig Spegel stocks. Heinie is regarded as one of the greatest 1911 smiths of all time. Famed gun writer and shooter Walt Rauch referred to him simply as “The American Pistolsmith.” At one point he had a 7 year wait to get one of his guns. This back log was largely a function of his real and perceived talent, but it was also manufactured by king maker Cameron Hopkins, the then editor of American Handgunner. If Cam put one of your guns on the cover of American Handgunner in the 80s and 90s, you were anointed king for a decade, and your back log started the month after that edition dropped. It’s true…ask Stan Chen. Heinie guns are very hard to find in the wild because 1911 collectors don’t give them up while they are alive….not even the ones with scallops


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