Here’s something a little different today. A restoration of an absolutely nasty Model 1912 Steyr Hahn pistol. I’m sure some of you on here will have better methods of restoration but this was thill an interesting watch.


  1. Good stuff. I like to see someone recognize that buffing wheels are a way to screw up a perfectly nice gun, and someone who makes his own chemical solutions, as many gunsmiths used to do 50+ years ago.

    Pits on classic firearms are a real bear. There are ways to fill pits, but it requires some metallurgy matching and a real steady hand with TIG or a laser welder. I know a fellow ‘smith who works on double guns who got his hands on a surplus laser welding rig and he is able to fill pits on shotgun barrels quite successfully. But it’s horrifically expensive at $80/hour for his time on a barrel with lots of small pits. With proper matching of filler metal, he can fill pits, strike, polish and re-blue and the result looks quite impressive.

    The result here is very good, considering what he had to start with.


    1. BAP45 says:

      You should check out his other videos. I found a Luger one after posting this that was good. I’ve seen professionals do a restoration and as impressive as it is to watch an artisan work I kind of like the layman nature of these. Gives me hope I could do some myself haha.


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