This week’s movie is fun for all the family, assuming you are part of the Manson family. Shawn and I discuss what is thought of as arguably the most controversial movie ever made – A Serbian Film.

If you have been following this series of chats about exploitation movies and films that cause controversy, you will know we have discussed things happening on celluloid like cannibalism, near-death experiences, and eating faecal matter. These things are almost just a warm up for A Serbian Film.

If you do a search for controversial movies, it generally comes out on top of any lists you find. When a movie invents a term like “newborn porn” it gives you an idea of the level of depravity you are going to watch.


A Serbian Film is a very well-produced movie and very well made. Some of the others we have talked about haven’t had huge budgets or great special effects, but this one… it lulls you into a false sense of security and gets you thinking it’s just a thriller.

Both Shawn and I have only seen it once and we both didn’t want to see it again in preparation for this video, but the images and scenes have stayed with both of us.

The video is worth watching, just to see us discuss how Drunken Yoda might react to A Serbian Film.

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