Colt 70 series in .45 ACP by Nolan Santy. Santy was born in New Hampshire and attended college at UNH. He knew from an early age (when he took his ASVAB to meet the selective services requirements) that he wanted to be a gunsmith. Towards the end, he assisted his father Clifford, in his gun smithing duties for the Littleton police department. Nolan later worked at Riley’s Sport Shop in Hooksett NH as their in house gunsmith. In his 12 years there, he attended Winchester, Remington, Ruger, and many other manufacturers warranty schools to learn the specific requirements of each brand. Nolan was in the Army National Guard for 13 years and discharged as Warrant Officer in 1983. In 1981 he won the National Guardsman Soldier of the year award. Santy was best known because of the widely published work he did for legendary gun writer Masaad Ayoob, who is godfather to his three children. Now who can tell me what is sadly incorrect on the build sheet?


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