Our friend, Ken Bird shares with us this story of an Army pistol match.

Used The 1911A1 I represented 7th Special Forces Group in the Southern Command Pistol and Rifle match 1979. I placed 2nd in the Combat Pistol match. 16 teams were on the competition from South American countries. Reason I did not win first place was due to a freak accident I never considered a issue. My firearm was a issued 1911A1 which I used for my issued weapon assigned to 3/7 SFG Panama.

We had to run 1 mile with combat gear once completing the one mile you had a specific time the first target would appear on the firing line. I finished along with my coach required to run with you with a reserve weapon. We tied down our equipment with dummy cords. If you dropped anything you were disqualified. I had time after my mile run to blacken my sights with my carbide lamp also time to get my breathing back to normal. I and my coach set up at the firing line and waiting for the target to swing into view. Coach stood behind me.

I noticed some teams just finished the mile run and trying to handle their heavy breathing before the first target appeared. I immediately engaged every target 25 meters 50 meters Standing Prone and kneeling position. I was shooting the 10 ring 99 percent of the total match. Until the last Target. Note total points for the entire course of fire was 300 points. If someone shot a perfect 300 they would receive a Presidential shooting award. I was on track until the last 10 rounds. Standing 50 meters my first round fired however the bushing on the barrel broke and I noticed my recoil spring with the cap extended from my barrel. I immediately turned around and faced my coach after I laid down my weapon and he immediately drew the reserve weapon he carried. I grabbed it and to my surprise the dummy cord was still attached. Before we could get the cord cut and for me to load and engage the target the last target turned sideways.

I lost 9 rounds no points. I lost 90 points and my score ended up 290 out of 300. I received a Bronze shooters Medal for 2nd place. Great score however hard knowing we forgot to untie a dummy cord. I loved the 1911A1



  1. LSWCHP says:

    There’s always a new way to fuck up.

    I was range officer at a state PPC championships today. You have to have all ammo on your person for each string. So this guy stands up from the 50m prone, reaches for his next speed loader and goes “Ah…fuck”. While prone, two of his speed loaders had fallen from their pouches. 120 points off in a 1500 point match.

    Another guy using a red dot shot 6 rounds onto the adjacent shooter’s target at 50m.

    And then there was the time about ten years ago when I’d just bought a new high speed low drag holster for my new massively expensive S&W 952, and the fucking gun fell out of the holster. Very, very embarrassing event, in front of the world champion at the time.

    There’s always a new way to fuck up.


    1. Shawn says:

      I discover new ways to humiliate myself every day


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