This season has not been the banner year that last year was. By this time last year I’d killed close to 50 or maybe over that. This year not so much. Over the last two days I managed to shoot 3. Two Hickory trees are seeing a lot of action this week. I have seen several sqwacks but haven’t gotten shots at all of them.

All have been killed with the Model 31 Lightweight in 16gauge Brady gave me in 2020. As you know 16ga is my favorite and this gun is so light it feels like a BB gun. The Model 31 in any variants is the finest production shotgun ever made in my opinionation.

I usually use #6 shot. That is my preference but a lack of options this year has forced me to use #6 and #5 shot. The over 100 shots fired last year greatly depleted my stock pile of 16ga ammo. Something not easy to find the last few years.


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