I’m sure you have all heard about the new miniseries from Netflix about everyone’s favorite gay cannibal serial killing necrophiliac. That’s right, you knew I’d be the one to talk about Dahmer.

The series stars Evan Peters, in what is honestly his best performance. This guy was born to pretend to be a cannibal sex offender. Kudos to him! Good job Evan. No, for real. It really is some great acting.

The series starts with the last few hours of Jeff’s freedom and his failed attempt at sealing the deal on his latest victim. The guy manages to get free and find the police. Life goes downhill for Jeff after that. Following episodes give us Dahmer’s life story in flashbacks. We see his batshit insane Mom and her many, many “Woman Moments”. His Dad, who was a bit eccentric himself but not a bad guy. We see his building fascination with road kill, his problems in school, all of that. You know the signs of a potential serial kill. You’ve seen them on TV and the Last Movie Outpost Livestream every Sunday.

We also get the pleasure of thinly disguised lectures on how police don’t care about minorities and gays in poor parts of the city. To hammer this home, we get to see how apparently the deaths of family members are harder on black people. Apparently having your son killed, REDACTED and eaten by a gay serial killer is less hurtful for white families.

Yeah there is some woke in it. But it also unintentionally (hilariously) red pills a lot of normies on just how promiscuous and, dare I degenerate, the gay subculture was at the time. NTTIAWWT disclaimer.

You know it hit close to home when the blue check NPCs on twatter demanded the removal of the Netflix LGBTVQQRRRBBQLGTV tag.

Now to the only parts that matter. Yes it is gory and bloody and sleazy. I loved it. Watching it is like watching an exploitation cannibal movie because, despite any claims to the contrary, that is exactly what it is. Pure cinema exploitation at its finest. You even almost think you can see film grain while watching it. It overflows pure sleaze. Dahmer’s killing methods are so over the top you’d think I made them up. We see a lot of details of his work. It’s not for those with delicate sensibilities.


It is a bit slow and it drags at times. Like any true exploitation film, it has some needless padding. If you have interest in the topic, I recommend it. I’d score it higher than I have but I have a few issues with it.

The marginalizing of the suffering of the families of the white victims to showcase the black families is something I found distasteful in the extreme. If not for that, I would give the series a more solid score.

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