In the spirit of Halloween let’s hear your creepy tales. It doesn’t have to be a ghost story can be as simple as that crackhead making some super sketchy comments to you. What ever you got lets hear them!

To get you started I’ll give you one of mine. Maybe it was something maybe it was nothing.
I was driving down a 2 lane road in a semi rural part of town late one night. close to the end of the road where it rejoins another old road it crossed a stream with a exceptionally narrow bridge. It was a short bridge but it had no curb so it was an obnoxious 20 feet or so. Now since there was a bit a water in the stream a grove of trees grew around the bridge adding its annoyance in that you often wouldn’t see another car coming until you were already on the bridge.

The trees have since been cut back and most of the grove cut down since then, but you can see just how narrow and blind it still is. Back when I used to drive this road the trees covered the road like a tunnel through here.

So in my usual 20 something ways I was going probably 80 down the road around midnight. When I came around the turn to the bridge there was a young looking girl (late teens early 20s) with shoulder length brown hair in blue jeans a pink shirt and white hoodie half stepping into the trees at the edge of the bridge. She whipped her head around around as my headlights lit her up. Since her back foot was on the while line and the bridge so narrow I swerved to the middle of the bridge (since it being so narrow I know I would have clipped her) and hit the breaks. I looked back but couldn’t see anything.

She would have been right about where that yellow flower bush is on the right

I forget if I turned around and looked for her or not, but I remember there being no sign of her. Not long after while telling that story to some friends while riding in their car on the same road at about the same time of night we see the same girl walk down the road in the same clothes. I told my friend to stop because I wanted to find out what was going on. (hey maybe is was just a bum) But he freaked out and floored it.

My reasoning for it being an apparition was the cleanliness of the clothes. White does not stay white for very long out doors. and If she was just a bum would have likely looked much dingier. Plus the area were we saw her was a long way from anything that would be useful to say a homeless person, no gas stations or restaurants. 4 miles to the nearest business and 2 miles to the nearest homes. That and seeing her not long after in the exact same outfit at roughly the same time and place.

So nothing too crazy, might be something, might be nothing. But it really happened, and made for a good story (especially to be telling the story when we drover past her the second time, perfect) So what is yours? Let’s hear it



  1. COtt says:

    So I know that yesterday I found the gang of Bigfeet story a bit incredulous, but this one actually reminds me of something that happened to a friend and I when my truck broke down.
    I was headed back home for the weekend from my summer job and got a really late start for some reason I can’t recall. Anyway, about 10m outside of Billings, MT my truck gave up the ghost. Luckily there was a house about a 1/2m away and called my parents (just before cells started to become accessible) at 1030 at nite and they laughed at me and told me to wait till the morning or call a friend. So I called my friend who agreed to help me tow my truck back to Billings before we headed back home.
    So by the time he got there, we got the truck towed to the Kmart parking lot and hit the road again, it’s like 230am. We get north 15-20m of Roundup, MT and it gets pretty desolate with no homes/ranches for miles on top of now being a moonless nite. We’re BS’ing and all of a sudden we see a person walking along side the highway at 3 something in the morning. We passed them and I said something along the line of seeing if they needed a ride. So we turned around and I rolled down my window as we pulled up to this person that was now more towards the borrow pit of the road.
    “Hey, what’s going on?” I asked and the person (never could tell if it was a man or woman, but I could tell that it was an Indian, in jeans and a hoodie).
    “Are you headed to Roundup?” the Indian asked.
    “No, headed north.” I replied.
    “Ok” and then the Indian proceeds to start walking south again.
    I kind of shrugged and we spun around and kept going. But we started talking about how odd of an interaction that was and we kept looking for a brokedown vehicle for a few miles and saw nothing. It was at that point that we decided that they(not the pronoun police, but I honestly could not tell gender on a moonless nite) probably need a ride, so we spun around again. I will add that we had not seen a single vehicle at this point, N or S bound.
    So we get back to where we saw them initially and kept going, figuring that we’d see them again in any moment. Never did see that person again and we had almost gotten back to Roundup before we decided to once again turn around thinking that we possibly missed them. Nope, just completely disappeared. That was about the time that the word “ghost” entered the conversation. He floored it to get home and we didn’t stop for anything that nite after that.
    Honestly, I almost feel there is more compelling evidence for ghosts/spirits than there is for a number for the cryptozoological creatures that are purported to exist.


    1. BAP45 says:

      right? I guess I probably should have clarified too that I would not be surprised if there had been death at that bridge being a blind corner and so narrow. The town “dead mans corner” was not too far from that area too.


    2. John M. says:

      A remarkable number of these stories involve Indians.


  2. J S says:

    The most eerie thing that I have experienced occurred a couple years ago in the Spring. I live in East Tennessee and in my region, we have large, voracious packs of coyotes. They have decimated the wild turkey population in my vicinity, so I try my best to cull some yotes on occasion. It was roughly 10:30pm and I had stepped outside for something when I heard the chittering and yipping of a good size crew coming through the woods. There are 2 game paths that come down from the direction of all the yipping and commotion, so I grabbed an ar and quietly made my way to a spot along the trail i deemed most likely. It was very early spring and the new leaves weren’t budding yet. There were alot of dry leaves still hanging, so I could hear rustling in the woods ahead of where I was facing. Not on the trail, but maybe 50 to 100 ft off in the dense brush. The night is just short of pitch black mind you, with very little moonlight. I navigated my way to the game trail mostly by familiarity and I hadnt yet illuminated my flashlight. The coyote singing had completely stopped at this point, 10 minutes into my posting myself along the trail. I picked up a stick to throw and cause some commotion, maybe flush something out. The stick impacted a tree maybe 50 ft away, resulting in a sharp THWACK. There was no rustling, but what seemed to be very quickly, another THWACK rang out. At this point I’m still thinking, well that was odd. I pick up another stick and proceed to smack the pine beside me…THWACK. 10 seconds go by. SURE ENOUGH… another answering THWACK. I hear leaves gently rustling. At this point my adrenals shot out a good squirt of fight or flight and I switched on my light and rushed towards the sound, rifle shouldered ready to kill. The hair on the back of my neck is up and ive got chicken skin. I got to where the sounds were coming from but never saw what made the noises. Just me, the briars and empty woods. I truly have no clue what it was.


  3. LSWCHP says:

    There’s a large body of water callled Lake George north-east of where I live. It’s not a proper lake, more like a big flat field about 25 miles long and 6 miles wide and sometimes it fills up with water to a depth of maybe 3 feet or so for a few years, and then it’ll dry out for a few years. It’s an odd phenomenon.

    Running all the way along the west side of the lake is a range of rounded but steep hills that just pop straight up feombthe edge of the lake without any foothills. The main north-south road runs between the hills and the lake.

    I dunno if there’s a word for it, but that stretch of road between those unusual hills and the steange body of water is an evil place, full of bad medicine. I’m not a very impressionable guy, but I’ve driven that strip of road several times at night and had every hair on my body stand on end with my skin crawling, and a strong sense of danger and a need to be away from there. Just writing about it now made me actually shudder a couple of times. I know enough to trust my gut, and my subconscious senses, and my gut tells me to stay the hell away from that place in the night.

    Sooo…no apparitions or anything visible at all needed to get the heart pumping, just drive through that damned place at night, and the place itself will tell you pretty clearly that it doesn’t want you there.

    I’m not the only one who feels the same way. Other guys I’ve mentioned this too said they’ve felt the same about that area. Sounds pretty crazy I know, but there it is.


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