NYC’s finest shows why they are the elite of the elite while keeping the citizens safe from the bad guys.

An NYPD cruiser plowed into a Bronx corner full of pedestrians while driving on the wrong side of the road during an emergency call Thursday — injuring 10 people, including two children, police said. Nice job.

Harrowing video of the crash shows the marked patrol car swerving into oncoming traffic and then careening into a group of people waiting for the bus on Westchester Avenue just after 3:15 p.m. 

Lamar Davila, who witnessed the crash, said he saw two women on the ground “hyperventilating” and a man lying on the sidewalk with a “pile of blood” next to him. 

The marked car, which had its emergency lights flashing, was responding to an emergency call for a stolen vehicle when it moved into oncoming traffic to pass a sedan turning onto Hoe Avenue, according to cops and surveillance video. 

The marked patrol car was responding to a grand larceny in progress just after 3:15 p.m.
A police car struck numerous pedestrians in The Bronx Thursday afternoon.
 The conditions of the other five were not immediately clear.
Two of the pedestrians were left in critical condition following the crash.

As the other vehicle attempted to turn, the patrol car clipped it, swerved out of the way and then jumped the curb on the corner, striking numerous people, police said. 

The police car finally came to rest after hitting a utility pole, video shows. 

Multiple people can be seen rushing to the scene to help as the two cops get out of the passenger side of the car and start calling over the radio.

Ten people, including the two officers in the patrol car, were injured. Two are in critical condition and the injured range in age from five to 65, police said. 

It’s unclear how many people were struck by the vehicle or from debris that fell during the wild crash. 

A 2-year-old child who was in the sedan the patrol car clipped was also injured, police said.

Back The Blue!


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  1. Tom Stone says:

    There are @ 30,000 members of the NYPD.
    The best 300 are amazing human beings.
    The worst 300 are armed monsters in uniform with the full backing of the State.
    It’s an old bureaucracy and some kinds of corruption are traditional and so deeply entrenched that there’s no way to be rid of it.
    That French Connection Heroin? stolen out of the NYPD evidence room along with about 1,500 more pounds of hard drugs.
    Chicago is worse, that department has been corrupt for well over 120 years, it’s just a different flavor than NYC.
    The same can be said for SF.
    With that corruption comes officers who are reckless and irresponsible, every department has some, historically corrupt departments have many.
    Thus this.


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