The movie website i also write for has a weekly live stream on Sundays. We had the 100th one last Sunday and all 4 of us gave our top 25 favorite movies. It is a lot of fun if you like podcasts.

This weekend we have our 100th Livestream. Can you believe it? We’ve done 100 of these and managed to not offend anyone or say anything untoward.

When the livestream first started, Drunken Yoda was there, doing his best. Since then, we have had chats with Dom, interviews with directors and actors, and finally have a regular Sunday evening stream with Yoda, Boba Phil, Shawn T, and Matt.

As I said last time, if you don’t watch the livestream, you are dead to us, however, this Sunday, why don’t you make the effort and try and join in the fun. The guys have made a list of their top 25 favorite movies each and will be discussing them.

There are a few movies that are mentioned once or twice by each of us, which ones do you think made the list? Which one is the top movie for each of the guys?

This was posted the other day, but here’s a little BTS video about how we are preparing for the stream.

The actual stream is on Sunday, usual time and place:

12pm CST – 6pm UK

We would love for you to join us, be there AND be square.

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