Well, this is kinda neat. A new gun from KAC that no one will probably ever be able to buy.

This 5.56mm gas gun is the next step in the SR-16 line of rifles. It features their Mod 2 gas system, E3 bolt, as well as a 13.7″ cold hammer forged barrel. In addition to a 2-stage full-auto trigger grip, the trigger guard is completely removable without tools.

It is paired with the 5.56 QDC/MCQ-PRT suppressor which adds just 2.33″ to the length (oal 4.43″) and weighs 13.9 oz. It incorporates their pressure reduction technology to minimize back pressure and pushes noxious gases forward, away from the shooter. It reduces the sound pressure level to 155dB on short barreled rifles and eliminates the “first round pop.” There is also a removable shroud nit seen here, which reduces the outside temperature by up to 300 Deg F.


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