Prague, October 14, 2022 – Colt Group SE (“Colt CZ”, the “Group” or the “Company”) hereby announces that on October 12, 2022, it finalized the acquisition of the remaining 75% stake in its Swedish subsidiary Spuhr i Dalby AB.

“We are excited about Spuhr joining Colt CZ Group as a fully integrated member. Spuhr has clearly demonstrated its ability to innovate, which we believe will bring more opportunities for the whole Group on both the military and law enforcement and commercial markets. We are eager to deepen our cooperation with Spuhr’s leadership, its employees, and its customers,” said Jan Drahota, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Colt CZ Group.

“The successful cooperation between Colt CZ Group and Spuhr during the first two years has led to this next step. Spuhr’s founder Hakan Spuhr and I will remain with the company and will continue to build the Spuhr brand together with Colt CZ Group. Being part of the Colt CZ family is a great opportunity for both Spuhr and its employees. We are all looking forward to even closer cooperation,” highlighted Ulf Nilsson, CEO of Spuhr.

Spuhr i Dalby is a Swedish manufacturer of optical mounting solutions for firearms located in Löddeköpinge, Sweden. Spuhr’s product portfolio consists of optical mounts, accessories, and upgrade kits for firearms, making it highly complementary to the Group’s core business. The Spuhr mounts and accessories are used by many military and law enforcement units around the world, including the Swedish armed forces, Dutch and Danish Army, German Police, and Portuguese Navy. Spuhr also offers a popular hunting series of products.



  1. John M. says:

    Any thoughts on CZ’s ownership of Colt’s so far, Shawn?

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    1. Shawn says:

      The only thing I know for sure since the change is that it’s harder for me to get writer’s demos or get time to talk to my friends that work there

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    2. Brent says:

      Overall, there doesn’t seem to be any significant impact by the CZ acquisition. Colt stopped milling off selector stops on their rifles and carbines about May 2022 or so but that was implemented by Colt and not CZ. One thing that CZ very well may have impacted is the appearance of the M5 carbine on the civilian market this year.


      1. John M. says:

        Thanks, Shawn and Brent.


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