A lot of big time films came out in 1983. It was an eventful year in film with some much loved timeless classics hitting the big screen. But we aren’t going to talk about any of that boring shit. Today we are going to talk about the Bruno Mattie masterpiece, Women’s Prison Massacre.

The film is of the finest quality sleaze from Italy. Chef’s kiss, muah! And with a name like that, you know what you are in for. Do I even need to say it?

We follow the lead, Emanuelle. No, not that one you perverts. She’s a reporter who got too close to uncovering a dirty politician in his drug dealing and gets framed and thrown in the slammer for her good work.  Being a hot, two fisted strong woman, she doesn’t take any shit from the prison pecking order.  We see her in constant fights with the staff and a real bitch named Albina.  They fight and scratch constantly mixed in with hot prison lesbianism and full frontal Italian actress nudity circa 1982.

Unrelated, a gang of death row inmates are on their way to their own prison when some of the inmates outside gang members set up an ambush on the prison transport.  It goes sideways and the boys end up busting into the women’s prison to take hostages , cover and the questionable virtue of the female inmates.  That is when the fun starts and you get what you were promised in the title.

Now we hit a dilemma. Often times I want to tell you in great detail about the depravity in movies like this. But, on the other hand I want you to see it with no real idea going in. That’s the best way to experience an exploitation film in my opinion.  I can’t do both so I will just give you a sizzle reel.

One of the gang members uses a blade in his teeth to slice a female guards throat. We get the strangest sex scene ever, where one of the fellas has sex with Albina where she has given 100 percent consent, then follows it up with knocking her out with chloroform…  We get to see revenge taken on a rapist via razorblade inside the vagina that’s better seen than have explained.  SWAT team deaths. Russian roulette, shotgunning, machineguning,  face mutilation, rape (of course), lots of blood and a gut punch ending that will leave you a little shocked.   Hey, what more can you ask for?

Not the finest women’s prison exploitation film, but still good and it does deliver on the massacre. If you like Italian exploitation and rip-offsploitation films and the ones from Mattei in particular, you will like this one. It’s pretty mean spirited, no surprise since Claudio Fragasso was a writer on the film.  I do recommend it only if you are a fan of sleaze and violence.  Grindhouse Releasing has you covered if you want a high quality Blu-ray.

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