Last Friday was a good day of hunting. I went around 430PM and had 4 in the bag by dark.

As usual I took the Model 31 Remington in 16gauge. The finest hunting shotgun ever produced by a factory. I am still using the #5 shot,those are really growing on me.

The second one I shot below was invested with the bot fly that only gets on squirrels. This guy had several and I felt like I was doing him a favor. Disgusting things. You can see the holes they make in the hide. The shotgun pellets busted both of the larvae and they oozed out like mush or I’d have shown you what they look like. A lot of people won’t eat the squirrel if they have one in them. The State Fish & Wildlife say its safe though and I have never seen any negative effect on the meat when skinning them. Personally I would pass on eating them but the old guy I give them too doesn’t care.

I got to the very top of the mountain and they were everywhere. I got two more out of the same tree within a minute. Then tried to get within range of two more but lost the light.


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  1. Rocketguy says:

    I got number 8 last week. Haven’t been hunting very hard because I’m mainly out there to let my daughter bow hunt. I’ve been carrying #4 & #6 in the old LC Smith. Glad the kid sorta forced me to get back in the woods – forgot how much I enjoy this.


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