Usually I work on the daily posts for the website the night before and schedule them. I didn’t do a damn thing last night. Went out with a friend. got home late and didn’t feel like it. So today will be pretty lacking. Here are a few pictures of some of some of my collection for your amusement and filler time.



  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Awesome collection, especially the Claymore set and LAW tube. I’m jealous of some of that pile. Two modest suggestions: Add a few belts of M60 ammo and wear the boots out squirrel hunting enough to wear some of that polish off.


    1. Shawn says:

      lol those boots are 22 years old and have been refurbed. they’ve seen more mountain climbing and walking than most peoples daily tennis shoes


  2. LSWCHP says:

    A claymore clacker, an M-72 and a 1911. A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with that kit!


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