Below is a video about the mine, Before that we have a first hand account from our friend and SOG Vet Ken Bird.

I saw what the M14 does to someone who stepped on one actually witnessed two indig step on one. When deploying m14s normally three are set within a triangle if you missed one normally you would hit the second and anyone helping you might hit the third. On a mission Mar 69 Hatchet team while we just assembled in a defensive position off to my right a loud boom muffled immediately noticed a indig Nung laying down another Nung went to his position and also stepped on one within a few seconds of the first. We realized the area was mined and proceeded with caution getting the two away from the area. First man stepped on the mine with the toe portion of his boot. Splitting his foot taking off the his middle toes. Second guy stepped on the mine with his heel of the boot it pushed up his heal breaking his ankle and leg bone. We figured a team in the past on a mission placed these mines or NVA set them from captured gear from contact with Teams in the past. Anyway we on the Hatchet team walked carefully in that area. Not good.


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