Our recent debate and video about Blade Runner reminded me that my friend, Stewart, has a replica of one of the pistols used in the film by the Blade Runner section of the police. Made from real guns, the pistol isn’t an easy thing to source. I asked Stu to talk about how he acquired it. You can read below.

“A Prop guy named Richard Coyle built it for me. He’s done work on lots of movies, but not Blade Runner.

Anyway, he’s a fan, started building resin and plastic props, and eventually a guy asked him if he could build a working model on a real Charter Arms Bulldog. I sent a gun to his FFL and he did the conversion, then sent it back to me through my FFL.

I’ve had one of his plastic models since the early 2000’s, so I knew he did decent work.”

If you don’t know, “FFL” is Federal Firearms License, which is what gun people refer to gun stores/dealers as. Yes, the gun does fire. It holds 5 rounds of .44 Special.


If you want one yourself, or just want to see how the Blade Runner gun was made, you can read the prop guy’s blog right here.  If you found this interesting let me know. Stu and myself have several guns famous from action films and TV shows  like The Terminator and Miami Vice.


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  1. COtt says:

    Wow. So I was thinking “oh, cool piece of plastic that would be fun to have” and then thought “how hard could it be”…and then read the blog post. Gonna have to pass on taking on that project. But very cool.


  2. I love movie guns.
    In fact I built a working Replica of Billy’s AR15/Shotgun Combo from the movie Predator.


    1. COtt says:

      HA! just watched that movie last nite. Great movie. I still want to build a clone of Dutch’s M16/M203. Just need to find that 203 clone…


      1. Shawn says:

        thats not even a blank firing M203 it some prop done up to look like a m203


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