Time to go vote for the Uni-party grifter of your choice. For whatever good feelings it give you. Because it won’t make much difference anyway. That’s if they don’t just steal it all anyway which gut tells me they will. “Fetterman wins by a margin of 81 million legit votes!- News at 1100!” The ((media)) is already setting the narrative of a “Red Mirage” because of vote counting. Hell they got away with the bog one, a mid term election ain’t going to scare them off from cheating.

Don’t let me discourage you though. I’m a far right radical accelerationist. I’m sure we align on many things. We differ in that I think the system is done. It’s useless, corrupt, a shame.

I will admit to some hypocrisy because I will cast my goyim opinion paper for Rand Paul like always. He and Thomas Massie are good men.



  1. Wild, wild west says:

    If God had intended us to vote, He would have given us candidates.


  2. Trevor says:

    Fixed it for you


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