Colt 80 series 1911 in .45 ACP made by Luke Volkmann. I was excited to find this Colt in the wild because Luke (with the rare exception) mostly builds on his own slides and frames—because he’s smart and Colt base guns generally suck. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I like Colts. I’m aware this gun falls woefully short if the full house 1911s he is making now, but there’s just something about this thing I love. What’s Luke like? He’s a big dude from Iowa. How big? Like I weigh 200 pounds and I feel like a little kid standing next to him big. Like you’re pretty sure he was the linebacker in high school that every kid in the county was scared of, big. That said, like most people from the Midwest, he’s an introspective, stoic type dude—a man who would rather listen than talk, a man who won’t say 50 words when 5 will do, and a man you are certain drinks Folgers coffee black, because he would sooner kill himself than walk into a Starbucks and stand next to a man wearing Lululemon shorts to order a $7 Carmel macchiato. He’s a patriot who watches Iowa football on Saturdays and builds muscle cars in his garage on Sundays. Oh yea, the rest of the time he is in Deer Creek Canyon quietly building some of the best 1911s in the world. Grips by Wood Caliber



  1. Tom Stone says:

    That’s a double decaf Chai soy latte with extra foam here in the wine country and if it’s a Realtor he’s probably wearing faux snakeskin crocs…


  2. Tom Stone says:

    Like the Harley Davidson the 1911 has inspired quite a few artists and that is an excellent example.


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