Colt 70 series 1911 in 45 ACP by industry legend Dave Lauck ((D&L Sports) out of Chino Valley AZ. Does it seem like some of the best 1911 smiths in the country live in AZ? I don’t order 1911s much these days…mostly because I can’t take the heartache. Send a gun, send a bunch of money, and then you get radio silence for 3-5 years. I’m too old for that bullshit. Ordering custom 1911s is a young man’s game. But this gun…I just had to have. I called Dave in January, sent him a base gun, and this was in my hands 9 months later, no drama no fuss. Lauck spent 3 decades in law enforcement (Swat, narcotics, sniper, investigations, and patrol) and this DNA is clearly expressed in all of his pistols. He says every gun he builds has to be one that he would carry himself, or it does not go out to the client. All gunsmiths recite this empty mantra, but when he says it, I believe him. He tuned 7 magazines to this gun. Seven. He sent a list of ammo he successfully fired through it. He asked to get the gun back in one year to examine wear patterns—free of charge. I have a lot of guns, and limited time, so this gun will never know that kind of use, but it seems like it could, and it seems like he cares. This is why he was pistolsmith of the year in 2012….when that actually meant something. Ivory grips by my man Rex-N-Effects. General Patton when asked by a reporter if the handles on his revolvers were mother of pearl famous responded “son only a pimp in a Louisiana whore house carries pearl handled revolvers…these are ivory.”


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