From friend of the site, and fellow Vietnam War historian, Bud Gibson.

“Al was a terrific 1-0 of RT New Jersey. His 1-1, Bobby Coleman, my good friend was KIA on my birthday. Al later came to NKP as our primary FAC Rider. He was in “Bungalow Bill” Sanders’ OV10 back seat when they were shot down. Bill KIA, Al rescued by second Jolly Green after first JG shot down in ball of fire with all crew KIA. God bless you, Albert.” – Courtesy of Michael Taylor

On June 30 of 70, Capt.Sanders’s aircraft had been shot down. The unit kept an OV-10 on ramp alert for emergency contingencies. Once overhead They saw only 1 parachute, not the 2 they’d hoped for. That chute had landed in the middle of what they suspected to be a NVA regiment,about 5,000strong. The crew heard the beeping of a distress beacon on the emergency radio frequency. He keyed his microphone. “Beeper, Beeper, come up voice. This is Fat Capper 0-5. Nail 4-4, this is Fat Capper 0-5, over. The response came not from Sanders, but from Mosiello, who keyed his survival radio and calmly spoke, “Fat Capper 0-5 , this is Fat Capper 0-8. I’m okay. Some minor injuries. Nail 4-4 did not get out. He was killed when we got hit. He did not eject. They keyed the mic. “Roger” Mosiello added. We maintained contact with Al Mosiello and pounded the area with airstrikes to beat down the antiaircraft machine guns. An Air Force rescue helicopter from Udorn, Thailand, call sign Jolly Green, approached for the pickup. Enemy fire shredded its nose. Barely flyable , the pilot aborted and limped back to base. A 2nd rescue helo arrived from Udorn. As it hovered down through 150 ft, an enemy soldier fired an RPG. It hit the aircraft and exploded. The rotors separated. Fire consumed the the helo as it smashed to the ground, already disintegrating in a ball of flames. John Duffy’s OV-10 flew low, looking for survivors. There were none. Mosiello called, “They’re all shooting at you. Get out of there.” John saw tracers flying past his canopy. The OV-10 strained to climb to a safer altitude. More airstrikes battered the enemy. Duffy put in 38 fights of both propeller- and jet-attack aircraft. The 3rd try was the charm. A helicopter from Da Nang, Vietnam, successfully extracted Al.

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