From Custom_Handguns

“Ugly man” is coming to town. The latest #ArmandSwenson to the collection. If #custom1911 gunsmiths are to be compared to artists, Swenson is the Picasso. I have examined many, seen pictures of dozens of Swenson guns and no two guns are exactly alike. I repeat, no two Swenson guns are exactly alike. I have even seen guns ordered as a set that were subtly different in one or more aspects. I just don’t believe the artist in him could do it the same way twice. Remember, Swenson was from a family of artists and he himself was a skilled designer with an artistic bent. This one is called “Ugly Man” because that’s the customer’s name scratched inside the dustcover. He must have been one ugly SOB. I always buy the gun and never the story but I admit this gun was irresistible to me. Built in the period around 1975 when Swenson was transitioning from Gardena to Fallbrook, CA this all-business carry piece uses a reshaped Micro rear instead of the ubiquitous S&W K sight normally seen on Swenson guns. Why? Maybe “Ugly man” was a hard user and preferred the more rugged Micro? Who knows.

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