I never have thought much of the semi auto pistols from S&W. Mainly the centerfire handguns. Nothing about any of them have ever impressed me. Even the rimfire ones didn’t get much attention from me. The Model 41 is one I’d always heard people rave about for decades. I’d always intended to give one a try as soon as I had the chance, though. I even had intention of buying one if I saw it for the right price. About 8 years ago I got to shoot one of the newer ones that belonged to a friend. Was not impressed with it at all and so I scuttled the idea of picking one up for myself at some point.

I knew Brady was a fan of them and last week after a visit, brought his home to remove some rust on it for him. I decided to give it a try and see what the fuss was about because I knew, unlike my other friend, Brady’s would be top notch.

I used up most of my match rimfire over the last few years but luckily Brady gave me a brick of some very vintage Winchester target ammo. All groups where shot off a bench and sand bags at 25 yards.

The Eley did best.

This stuff did pretty good. I have no idea how old it is but it still shoots good.

Now I see why so many people love the old Model 41s. If I can scrap up some more match ammo I intend to shoot the gun from 50 yards off the bench to see how it does before I return it.

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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Those are really nice grips.

    I bought a new 41 about 8 years ago and it groups really well, but the mag catch button was not properly staked upon arrival. The button would unscrew on its own far enough to not allow the magazine to release. Smiff had it back to me within a couple of weeks, but you’d think the QA people would have paid a little better attention.


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