A real doozy from Karl today. I will let him explain below.

Another dandy Lawver build, this one with a bit of a historical base.
I could sense you all wanted to see more green gats, so, here ya go! A really nicely appointed gun, straight out of an early 2000’s magazine cover, well not actually, but we all know if we were into gun rags of the day, OD Green 1911’s were hotttt, and Birdsong was King of finishing for the tactical crowd. This Colt, built by David Lawver of West Coast smithing note has all the touches you’d want to see on a hard use gun.

Novak sights
Kart Barrel
Kart Bushing
Solid trigger
Brown ignition parts
Brown Beavertail
Kings Ambi safety
20 LPI checkering fore and aft
beautifully sculpted 1 piece magwell
Serrated rear of the slide
Custom tactical rail, included is the period Streamlight and box, light works perfectly
beautifully finished in Birdsong Green-T and Black-T
2 Coated Wilson mags

This 1942 Colt M1911A1 is tight and smooth and nicely executed. Inside, it looks pretty well unfired since the build, few light handling marks outside, but very very clean. This gun bears its war scars as seen under the finish, The slide of similar vintage has a slightly later # under the FPS. There is an import mark (likely from the 80s) hidden under the slide stop, so, this Colt served the US in WWII, then was left in theater, later returned thru an importer


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