As most of you know, 2022 makes 10 years since the 901 came out and I was sent the first one from Colt way back in early Spring 2012. All year we’ve been reflecting on that and the 901 and it’s history etc. I took it out today to shoot it a little in a final 10 year test as we close out the year.

First off. Sorry I only did this little bit of shooting, Its cold and my nerve damaged left shoulder aches. I’ve gotten old and more worn down in the subsequent 10 years. Mea culpa. I also got considerably uglier, but I can’t prove that has any effect on my shooting. Yet.

I set up a target at 200 yards and after a zeroing shot, I put 20 rounds into the head. Ammo was Federal Gold Medal Match with the 168 grain matchking bullet. Optic is the Leuplod 1x-4x.

Center body shot is the zeroing shot. Head region is full 20 round group.

I don’t know about you but I consider that pretty good. Especially for a 4X scope and nothing more than a set of Atlas bipods. Now, the 901 is not exactly factory anymore. I did replace the Colt trigger with a Larue match trigger, replaced the A2 grip with my preferred Tango Down Battle Grip and the stock is a SOPMOD. I also added a colt ambi safety to the gun.

The 901s are just plain accurate. Imagine what might have been had they given us a 20 inch barrel true sniper variant.. Oh well. The history of Colt is littered with missed opportunities. I guess that’s true with everyone. such is life.

I really love the 901. I know several of you bought one of these because of my original reviews. I’m glad they have proven to be as outstanding as I thought they’d be. Now if Colt would just bring them back.. They will in some form very soon, but I still like this first version though. It’s not going to come back. We are now in the age of the M-LOK and other retarded bright bulb ideas sad to say.


  1. Wild, wild west says:

    People whine about “cheese grater” handguards but you won’t have any problem holding onto them. The pussification of the American male continues.


  2. Mark Winkler says:

    Love mine, put on Magpul rail covers – fixed


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