Over the weekend   we were able to shoot the HK21 purchased by my friend, a Class 3 dealer.  The HK21 is  a belt fed  light machine-gun based off the G3 rifle made by H&K firing 7.62mm NATO.  It’s been around since 1961 and has seen considerable use in various world armed forces.  One stand out reported use was by US Army Delta Force.  In the past I have even seen pictures of it being fired in Iraq by US Forces at a firing range.

Having fired the full auto G3 several time over the last few years I was a little surprised by just how rough the 21 was.  It has considerable recoil.  While heavier than the G3, the cyclic rate much higher and it is a brute.

I was able to get some hurried video when firing the gun the first day. You can watch below.

on the video below you can see the cross pin that holds the gopro camera in the head mount was vibrated out by the recoil of the gun

Last video.  I did try to stand up and hold the gun with one hand  i.e. Rambo but sad to say the belt kinked on me and it didn’t make for a very compelling video.  Next time I will try with a shorter belt.

Sad to say I did not have time for any kind of accuracy test.  I will have to think up some method to test out its “accuracy” while fired in busts and  semi auto in the future.  I think I still have some of the US Army reduced range machine gun targets.

The gun is a fun. I doubt you needed to be told that though.   It is rough however and there is technique to firing it prone so as not to ruin your shoulder and give yourself a headache.     As a GPMG the gun does have a quick change barrel that i forgot to video a demonstration of.   In coming weeks I will try to attempt a longer instructional video on the weapon for anyone interested.  Comment below if you want to see something like that.  I personally always  worry that videos like that appear as “showing off”  or a “look what I get to play with and you  never will” kind of things.   I wish everyone could own and use MGs etc as a normal part of gun ownership. For those that can’t I  hope maybe to at least  answer questions about it and not  play it up as the ULTIMATE!! experience.

A  class 3  M60 and a STG 44 will be arriving in the next few months and I will do my best to get more entertaining videos of those for everyone.


  1. LSWCHP says:

    Damn, that’s a high rate of fire for a light weapon of that nature.

    And did you say STG 44? Oh, be still my beating heart!


    1. Shawn says:

      the 21 is painful to shoot, punishing, its not really fun at all


      1. ptmn says:

        Even the heavier MG3 is painful to shoot. I had a little time on them at Bragg and more time in the sand box. The roller lock recoil system adapted to the MG3/HK21/G3/MG42/HK33/MP5 is reliable and a lot cleaner than gas operation…but it rocks your world when firing 7.62×51 or 8×57. Not comfortable at all when coupled with the insane cyclic rate on the belt feds. 550 rounds per minute (M60) in a 7.62 belt fed is the highest I can control with some degree of accuracy in the standing unsupported position. Once I get to 650/750 rpm (M240/MAG58) I’m all over the place. Get to 1200 on an HK21 or MG3 and I won’t even try it. No use wasting ammo or wearing out barrels if I’m not hitting insurgents


        1. Shawn says:

          i was starting to worry about you it has been so long since you last commented


  2. Rocketguy says:

    Definitely up for the instructional video. Living vicariously through others is all the budget supports right now!


    1. John M. says:

      +1 for vicarious machine gun content.


      1. Shawn says:

        Sorry to say the owner of the HK21, my friend, died in May after falling and hitting his head on a concrete floor, so there will never be any more on those


        1. Rocketguy says:

          Wow – life is short and unpredictable – sorry for your loss.


  3. ptmn says:

    Sorry to hear you lost your friend.


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