Mothers these days just don’t understand the pressure they put on a young man, Why, even the most menial task may seem like no big deal, but under the strain of modernity even the most docile boy can snap.

A Florida teenager accused of trying to kill his mother because she kept asking him to clean his room allegedly beat her with a frying pan and stabbed her with a pocket knife. Hey, who hasn’t reacted this way ?

Tobias “Toby” Jacob Brewer, 17, was arrested and booked into juvenile detention on Nov. 30 after allegedly attacking his mother and then leading authorities on a pursuit, Fox Orlando reported. Looks like a retardate or a democrat voter to me.

His case has been transferred to adult court, the news outlet said. 

Brewer allegedly told investigators that he stabbed his mother multiple times and hit her on the head with a frying pan because she was “constantly on his case about cleaning his room.” Damn woman! Lay off me! I got video games to play! The boys are counting on me!

“The suspect advised that he does not like cleaning his room and was tired of the victim (his mom) constantly harping about it,” ( lol thats is pretty funny though)the report stated. Brewer told detectives that he then took both of his mom’s car keys and took money out of her purse “so that he can have money once he left the area,” a probable cause affidavit said.

He also admitted to texting a friend to bring a gun to “shoot the victim,” the report said. 

Brewer also allegedly led authorities on a chase through several counties before he crashed into a wooded area. Toby is a fucking madman!

The mother was hospitalized in critical condition. She allegedly told investigators that “Toby did this.”

Verily .



  1. BAP45 says:

    “Yo name, is TOBY”


    1. Shawn says:

      I thought about that joke but then realized It was below me so I waited for one of the readers to do it for me


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