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Increased sabotage incidents on the US power grid are very concerning. On Christmas Day, three substation facilities were vandalized in Pierce County, Washington, plunging thousands of customers into total darkness, according to ABC News

Two of the power substations were operated by Tacoma Public Utilities and one by Puget Sound Energy. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said all three were attacked, but there are no “motives or if this was a coordinated attack on the power systems.” 

Tacoma Power crews work at an electrical substation damaged by vandals early on Christmas morning. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

The sheriff’s office said nothing was stolen from the substations, while equipment was only vandalized. There was no mention of what devices were damaged or the tool to inflict damage. 

Unfortunately, the impacts to our system from today’s deliberate damage are more severe in some places than initial testing indicated. Some customers will be restored closer to 8 AM tomorrow,” Tacoma Public Utilities wrote in a statement on Sunday.

The Tacoma substation attacks follow “deliberate attacks” on two power substations in North Carolina early this month. Duke Energy personnel found bullet holes in transformers

We’ve asked the question of who is intentionally sabotaging the US power grid. In the first eight months of the year, there were 106 attacks on the electrical grid, the highest number ever recorded in a single year


  1. John M. says:

    This might be the GAE’s Nord Stream chickens coming home to roost. It seems like the Russians would have enough Soviet expertise left over to be able to pull off something like this and get away with it. American society being so polarized that Team Blue will instinctively blame Team Red and vice-versa just makes that a lot easier.


    1. Shawn says:

      you think so? I have my own theories about the types doing it and I dont think its from overseas actors


      1. John M. says:

        I wouldn’t bet a lot on any one hypothesis at this point, but my leading theories would go as follows:
        1. US fed boys (likely false flag to implicate Team Red, like the Whitmer Plot or Jan 6)
        2. Team Red on its own (likely Green Berets or similar flipping over to Pineland rules)
        3. Team Blue on its own (higher capacity than AntiFa types usually show, but very possible, especially for types)
        4. Boris and Natasha
        5. Al Qaeda or ISIS or similar

        I assume this is a domestic thing, but we are currently waging a proxy war against Russia, including some very direct acts like killing generals and sinking battleships and I don’t expect the Russians to take it lying down indefinitely.


        1. Shawn says:

          yeah i think all of those 5 are likely


          1. John M. says:

            I don’t envy any honest cops trying to catch the guys doing this. Smart guys who can think things through and keep their mouths shut could likely do a half dozen of these without getting caught. It’s also possible that it’s not all one group doing it. Copycats, etc. I’m not following the details of the cases, so maybe this isn’t true, but this seems like the sort of thing that one dude could pull off all by his lonesome, making the conspiracy that much easier to keep quiet: No feds, nobody to turn state’s evidence.

            AFAIK they still have no real clue who did the ones of California ~10 years back.


  2. Rocketguy says:

    I really thought my area had gotten rolled up in this last night. Was restless around 3:30 am and heard a series of booms accompanied by flashes of light then the whole area went dark. I got up and started checking out my space heaters and getting ready to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze during an extended outage. Didn’t have power again until a couple hours ago. Turns out some trees damaged during the recent ice storm finally thawed and came down and caused some of the disconnects at the substation up the road to do their thing. I guess I was mentally primed to assume it was more of this stuff…


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