By Adam

Recently I dug a generic M4 style stock out of my parts box for an AR I was putting together. Normally I remove the factory sling swivel as it’s not very useful in its factory location and I’ve always thought it was a snag hazard. As I was taking it off it occurred to me I could reuse it and save a bit of money in the process.


Here’s your run of the mill M4 stock.

This stock was manufactured by Tactical Intent which is the commercial sales arm of P & S Products. P & S is currently making RAS rail systems for the US military under license from Knights Armament. This stock has the most solid rattle free fit and lock up of any M4 style stock I’ve ever handled. If you have a need for a plain jane M4 stock I’d definitely recommend these.

Here I’m positioning the swivel to find a good location. You have to leave enough room between the swivel and the butt plate portion of the stock so the sling can be threaded through it.

Marking the location of the hole. 


Thread the screw through and tighten. 

Just flip everything and mount on the other side if you’re a lefty or like having the rear of the sling attach on the ejection port side.


End result is I have a side sling mount that didn’t cost anything.

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