Way back in the year 2000 a little movie came out called Way Of The Gun that didn’t do that great at the box office. That was a shame. It’s since become something of a cult film and it’s pretty damn good. Way of The Gun is a neo-western mixed with an action/crime thriller. Jesus, what a mouthful… but that is the only way to sum it up.


The story follows two small-time criminals (Ryan Philippe and Benicio Del Toro) who are barely managing to exist. While in a sperm bank, donating to try and get some cash, they overhear a phone call about a woman carrying a child for a rich couple and the 1 million yankee dollars pay-off she is receiving for being the surrogate. With little planning or thought, they throw together a quick kidnapping plan.

Pretty quickly, things start to go wrong. They run into the bodyguards for the girl and a stand-off develops. The kidnappers try to back out of their plan, but events force them further into it and and gunplay ensues.

The plot starts to get complex after this point. I would argue a little too complex for this type of movie, but it is a hardboiled type film. The rich couple are connected, the baby turns out to be the baby of somebody important, the doctor taking care of the supposed “surrogate” Mom is connected, and one of the rich dude’s hitmen has personal reasons for being involved. Yeah, its a regular episode of Jerry Springer.

Way Of The Gun

The story reaches its climax in a small Mexican town as a ransom is delivered, the girl delivers, and the gun fight sure as fuck delivers! One of the best shoot-outs on film. Lots of action, lots of blood and endless mooks buying the rice paddy. It’s great and the build up  to it really pays off.

Way of The Gun is a damn good movie with a damned good cast. The opening scene alone is worth what you paid. A kvetching Sarah Silverman gets a punch straight to the mouth. What else you want?

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  1. LSWCHP says:

    Man, one of may favourite movies! The opening scene is worth watching every single goddam day of a man’s life, and the firearms usage is about as realistic as you’ll ever see on film.

    Ten blood spatters out of ten, on the 7.62 NATO movie rating scale!


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