I wrote a piece the other day on the 2022 IPSC World Shoot, and noted that the defending 2017 World Champion Jorge Ballesteros of Spain finished in a disappointing 16th place. It looks like he may have taken his loss a little too hard.

Since a young boy, Jorge had wanted to be a practical shooter like his father. Due to Spanish law, he wasn’t able to compete as a minor, and had to shoot his earliest matches in neighboring France. However, once he came of age in 2001, Jorge began tearing up the Spanish IPSC circuit, and became the national champion. (He would repeat another 15 times, plus one more in Standard divsion.) In 2005, Jorge placed third at his first World Shoot in Ecuador. By 2013, he was crowned European Champion, for the first of three titles. However, Jorge’s greatest pride was his 2017 World Shoot win in France.

Jorge left behind a wife and two children.

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