The Special Recognition Award is presented to SERGEANT Rob Graham, for sustained meritorious service as a Long Range Reconnaissance Team Leader from 26 May 1969 through 12 May 1970. Sergeant Graham’s determination, courage, and accomplishments during his tour with Command and Control South have been inspiring. An honor graduate of the Reconnaissance Team Leaders” School, He participated in 12 hazardous missions. During a January 1970 mission, within an hour of insertion , Sgt. Graham heard signal shots around his teams location. Through his skill of Escape and Evasion, the team was able to escape and within a few hours had discovered several base camps. At dawn they again heard signal shots as close as 25 meters away, Sergeant Graham attempted to lead his team to safety but they were soon sighted and forced into a base camp. As Sergeant Graham directed the helicopters into position, the enemy fixed on the team with B-40 rockets and 51 caliber machine guns.Sgt Graham bravely”exposed and moved the helicopters off and moved the team to a new LZ where the teams extraction was accomplished. On another mission,in April 1970, Sergeant Graham’s team came under fire

from a numerically superior force. His evasion and well aimed fire prevented the enemy from encircling the team and enabled the team to withdraw. Sgt. Graham continued to hold off the enemy until a round impacted his rifle, scattering shrapnel throughout his face and mouth. He continued moving the team to the LZ for extraction. Throughout his tour, Sergeant Graham demonstrated a professionalism usually

expected only from a soldier with vastly more experience. He has always placed mission accomplishment first, his men second, and himself last and, he has spent many hours training his men. His overall to contribution to the mission of Command and Control South ,” has been incalculable and reflects great credit upon himself and the United States Army.

Courtesy of Col Lindsey’s AMAZING book on CCS’s history “Secret Commandos in Cambodia”

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