Finally, Magpul delivers on all that shit you never knew you wanted because you never wanted it.

The new DAKA Waterproof Window Pouches are available in three sizes. One hundred percent waterproof, they feature carabiner pass-throughs (or lash points) and durable and easy-to-grip zipper pulls and strong RF welded seams.

Magpul’s DAKA Ammo Sleeve is designed for hunters who need to bring extra rounds with them when venturing afield, this sleeve is easy to store in a pocket or a pack. There’s room for a license or tags, and the rugged DAKA material ensures it’ll be used for years to come. The bi-fold design takes up 10 cartridges.

Magpul is rife with Marine Aviators so it was only a matter of time before they insisted that the company introduce aviator-style sunglasses named after the Great Santini.

These polarized wireframe sunglasses offer solid ballistic protection for additional safety and the oleophobic lenses stay cleaner longer and comfortably fit most faces.

The DAKA Double Pistol Case is a discreet, large-format carrying case designed to carry a pair of pistols of various sizes safely and securely. Internally, you’ll find magazine retention bands and a zippered document pocket.


  1. BAP45 says:

    i really haven’t understood there direction in the last what deacade now? Went from gunparts to random ziplocks


    1. It's just Boris says:

      Yes. But I will say the largest size DAKA works great as a toiletries bag, so I’m a little torn re wtf they are doing. It’s a weird item for them to make, but for what it is, it’s really well made and useful.


      1. Rocketguy says:

        I haven’t messed with their accessories but have been pleased with mags and stocks and such. Some of it doesn’t makes sense to me but I don’t have an MBA.


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