POOLER, GA—The growing popularity of pistol caliber carbines and lightweight AR-style rifles has resulted in rising demand for lighter, slimmer slings.  In response, BFG has added the Vickers SMG Sling, previously a limited-time offering, to its product line for 2023.  The Vickers SMG Sling includes the exclusive BFG reducing loop that makes it easy to convert from a two-point sling to a single-point sling. Its 1-inch webbing makes it perfect for shooters who desire the flexibility of a convertible sling but in a smaller package.

Blue Force Gear makes two other 1-inch slings: the 1-inch GMT Sling and the Vickers ONE™ Sling.

GMT Sling (1-inch version)

The 1-inch GMT Sling is perfect for shooters who prefer a tailed sling. It uses a custom double-locking buckle interface designed and manufactured specifically for this application from durable and rust-free glass-filled nylon. This adjuster provides consistent tension when both tightening and loosening the sling. Once set, it doesn’t move until you want it to.

Vickers One Sling

The Vickers One Sling is a slimmed-down version of the combat-proven Vickers Sling. The Vickers One Sling was designed for pistol caliber carbines and SMGs but has also gained a following with shooters who prefer a narrow sling on their AR-style rifles.  The Vickers One Sling is compatible with most 1-inch sling attachment hardware, including BFG’s own Push Button Swivels, sling hooks, and the patented ULoop.

The Vickers SMG Sling, GMT Sling, and Vickers One Sling all feature the Blue Force Gear exclusive 1-inch Zytel® nylon hardware and Invista™ solution-dyed Cordura® webbing, which is known for its long-term durability. As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers SMG, Vickers One, and GMT Slings are made in the USA with US-made materials.

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