From Zerohedge, showing us all the new things our tax dollars will be buying for Ukraine to protect DC’s money laundering country.

Hello from the 45th SHOT Show at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. Today is day one of four, and more than 2,500 exhibitors from the firearm and outdoor industry are showing off new innovative products. 

SHOT Show is the largest firearms trade show of its kind in the world. It’s closed to the public — but we’re going to show our readers some of the exhibits that stood out. 

We first came across AeroVironment’s Kamikaze Switchblade drone (infamous since the Biden administration is sending thousands to Ukraine).

AeroVironment showed off a grounded-based robot with a shotgun mounted on the top. 

Here are the different attachments for the grounded-based robot. 

Maxim Defense had a UTV for special operation forces on display.

The UTV has side mounts for machine guns. 

We then came across the IXI DRONEKILLER weapon for military forces. The device is compact and lightweight. It thwarts small drone attacks by jamming radio control and GPS signals. 

Combined Systems, Inc. showed off their handheld Tech Torch that can cut through steel rods and metal plates used for breaching buildings. 

We came across KommandoStore’s The ‘Heat’ Rig, which holds 8 pounds of magazines tightly and securely under a business suit. The vest is modeled after rigs used by Robert De Niro in the 1995 crime movie “Heat.” 

Executives from Lenco Armored Vehicles told us this armored vehicle is being widely adopted by US law enforcement. 

Lenco BearCat is also designed for military use. 

There’s a turret on top of the armored vehicle. 

US Ordnance featured a bunch of military-grade weapons. 

They also displayed the next generation of 40 mm grenade launchers. 

Looking at the sights of the grenade launcher. 

Here are a few companies with high-tech uniforms for military and security forces. 

For all those civil disobedient Soros-funded rioters — here are the companies making flash bangs and all sorts of crowd control munitions. 

Magpul’s so-called “briefcase gun” is on display. 

One company figured out how to mount armor plating on an ATV. 

Military buyers from Asia, Europe, across the Americas, and the Middle East are present at the closed-door event.

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