Fisherman love to stretch the size of the fish they caught. But some times, not often but sometimes, the fish is big.

A fisherman went missing Sunday after a massive tuna dragged him off a boat and into Hawaiian waters, police said. That is a lot of chicken of the sea.

Mark Knittle of Captain Cook was fishing with a friend four miles off the coast of Hōnaunau on the Big Island when he hooked the ahi just before 5 a.m., according to the Hawaii Police Department.

“The fish is huge,” Knittle reportedly said just before he was dragged overboard. Famous last words.

After witnessing Knittle plunge into the water, the friend tried to grab the line but missed.

The friend saw Knittle on the surface for a brief moment but disappeared “within seconds,” police said, adding that the friend attempted to jump in but couldn’t spot Knittle in the water. I bet old boy just wasn’t willing to let go of the pole.

Police and the Coast Guard have been searching for Knittle since he went overboard, but the massive ahi — which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says can grow up to 6 feet and 400 pounds — may have dragged the fisherman far from where the boat was anchored.

“Usually, our incidents like this are along the coastlines. This is a different situation because it’s out in the deep,” said Darwin Okinaka, Hawaii County Fire Department assistant chief of operations.

Mark Knittle
Mark Knittle went missing after an ahi dragged him overboard Sunday.

Press F in the comments to pay respect to a man willing to go to Davey Jones’ Locker instead of losing that fish.


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  1. John M. says:

    Some days you get the fish. Some days the fish gets you.


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