Sunshine Shooter has some updates and a few things from SHOT. Honestly I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on this to be real.

KELTEC: KSG in .410 bore

It is what it sounds like: A KSG in .410. Why? Its Keltec, so, cocaine? I don’t know, I just think it’s interesting. Having owned (and sold) a KSG, I can tell you that they kick. A lot. More than they should for a 12 that heavy. Making one in .410 is a good way to reduce the recoil, although a 20 gauge would have made more sense. Then again, I would bet that there is more .410 sold in the US than there is 20 gauge. Anyway, MSRP is $500, so it’s compelling. Sauce


Yet another interesting gun action type, but this one isn’t new. In fact, this is an old action type: long-stroke recoil. When the gun cycles, the barrel and bolt cycle together. This is an early 20th-century era design, not seen on the modern market except in Barrett semi-auto rifles. The designer of this rifle is a former Barrett employee, so that checks out. Check the video to see it in action. I can only imagine the mechanical, multi-stage “ker-chunk” feeling this gun has…


This was an absolute bolt from the blue. Turns out PSA has been lying about which German Maschinenpistole they’d clone next (get it? because MP-44?). There’s not a lot of info out about these clone as of yet, but word from people at the show is that PSA has gone so far as to include the tilting bolt design of the original Sturmgewehr. So far the PSTG-44 (if they don’t call it that shame on them) will be available in three calibers: 5.56, .300 Blackout, and 7.62×39 (to be clear an STG in a Commie caliber is a cardinal sin). In my mind the .300 Blackout would be closest to the original 7.92mm Kurz, I imagine the taper of 7.62×39 will make the mags look weird. Photos I’ve seen also look like these will have threaded barrels for your alternate history Otto Skorzeny LARPing. I am genuinely excited about this, PSA does have some QC issues, but they are also doing a lot in terms of pushing the envelope. There are rumors about their “Battlefield” line also including MP-40s and possibly other WWII icons. I will be watching very closely for any news about other releases in this category from PSA. -Red [Editor’s note: These are going to be produced by Hill & Mac Gunworks, who’ve been working on the StG repro for about a decade. The guns should be very well made, although we won’t know until they hit the streets.]

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  1. Mark Winkler says:

    I wanted one of the PTR German made imports, but not for $5000. They need to adjust the lower to make it look like the rela on, and loose the giant “battlefield” logo on it, IMHO


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