I am so glad to see the rest of the gun community starting to wake up and look at Ian and Karl of Forgotten Weapons and InrangeTV . I have been trying to clue people into these two frauds for years as long time readers know.

A few days ago a big thread started over at ARFCOM and a few E-detectives have managed to really bring home the facts, especially on Karl who unlike Ian, is no where near as good at keeping his mouth shut. If you still think Ian is a good guy stop kidding yourself. These two were linked at the hip for years. You can’t think of one without the other. That is how close their brands were related. Ian has the same politics as Karl he is just a hair better at PR. No one is best pals with a cuck fetish, church of satan minister. far leftist who supports groomers without agreeing with them. ( allegedly ). lol

Below is a big section most recently turned up by one of the boys.

Originally Posted By 2gACM:- ( this is Karl’s ARFFCOM Username)
Oh look at you name dropping TST people, aren’t you the super sleuth stalker.

First off – I have never, ever combined anything TST with my content, unlike other content creators do with their religious identity.

It’s just the blatant hypocrisy of it.  So let’s see…

This is another podcast Karl appeared on:

Link left cold:  https://sacredtension.podbean.com/e/guns-suicide-violence-karl-kasarda-of-inrange-tv/

Again, Karl proclaims “I have never, ever combined anything TST with my content, unlike other content creators do with their religious identity”, but here on the podcast screen you have Karl’s name and Inrange TV mentioned in the title.  But let’s look at the following information listed in the screen capture:

“In this episode of Sacred Tension, I’m joined once more by gun advocate, youtuber, Minister of Satan, and good friend Karl Kasarda”

“Find Kasarda’s youtube channel InRangeTV here: https://www.youtube.com/c/InrangeTvShow”

“Sacred Tension is the podcast about the spiritual discipline of asking questions. Every week Stephen Bradford Long covers a different topic, ranging from Satanism, to Marxism, to surviving a cult, to exploring Christianity as an LGBT person.”

“My work is sponsored by The Satanic Temple TV: a streaming platform featuring documentaries, live streams, conversations, rituals, and more. Use my code SACREDTENSION at checkout to get one month free. https://thesatanictemple.tv/”

You appeared on a pod cast sponsored by the very “religious” organization you are a “Minister” of and link to Inrange in the podcast.  You are such a fraud that it is laughable.  You suck at doing your own propaganda.  Makes sense that you would also be aligned with someone like “Lucien Greives” under one of his ventures.  What a joke.    

But while we’re here, let me do some more free transcription services from the podcast:

Talking about how the media skews gun use and ignores the positive use versus negative use of guns at the 30:30 mark:

Karl:  “When it comes to this topic, again I don’t want to understate the, the, the significance and the dangers here I’m not trying to do that here, I hope anyone listening to me doesn’t take away the marginalizing of the reality of this.”

Stephen:  “As someone who has experience, you know really traumatic violence, I don’t feel that way at all about what you’re saying, so”

Karl:  “I’m glad to hear that because that would never be my intent.  I appreciate that.  It’s a sensitive topic right, but I personally know, myself is one but I don’t want to go there, but others who have, are maybe here today because of them.  Um, so like when I think of someone in this country now personally, who probably needs the firearm more than anyone, whether we want obviously the world not to be like this, but someone who needs a firearm is a person of color or a trans person or a trans person of color, that’s the person that needs a gun right now in this country, not that right wing Christian guy that’s on TV, right?  And that’s, that’s where this does change the narrative…”

Talking about how the BIPOC and trans communities have armed up in response to threats that only they know about and secretly share within those communities at the 36:00 mark:

“I have watched, with my work at least, a very, significant up tick at least and a progression of people that let’s just say on the left side of the topics, arming up or believing in the idea and I think that January 6th was a real wake up call to that had it just gone slightly different this would have been a very different situation right now probably, um and it was close enough as it was, but allowing let’s just say that segment to walk around  uncontested as the only armed part of the society is not a winning strategy when the government itself as we have seen, especially with TST (the Satanic Temple) and other things isn’t necessarily on your side…

Your “work”?  Hmmm.  

Why someone like Brownells partner with you is a mystery.



  1. Valorius says:

    Karl just posted a long screed on his social media the other day defending the Nashville transvestite shooter


    1. Shawn says:

      I saw some screenshots.. he has me blocked on twitter. him and tacticool girlfriend and sinastral rifleman


      1. Valorius says:

        Tactical Girlfriend (a transvestite) is known ANTIFA that was photographed at CHAZ , and is a prime candidate for a future mass shooting perpetrator.
        It’s worth pointing out that Sinistral Rifleman’s company KE arms is still fully affiliated with and doing business with Karl the communist

        I have a copy of his trans apologist comments if you want i can forward them to you.


        1. Tedd P says:

          You guys are out of your fucking minds. Karl is a patriot and champions human rights – the “Church of Satan” has NOTHING to do with religion and serves as a way to fight the theological bullshit that is so invasive in this country. Stay mad, the tranny’s arn’t coming after you or your fat kids.


          1. Rocketguy says:

            100% gaslighting bullshit. Running society into the ground through mental illness and mutilation of children in the name of human rights is where you end up when you treat the constitution like a suicide pact. The slippery slope has perfectly predicted current events so next you’ll be arguing you can’t be a patriot and oppose pedophilia and bestiality.


          2. John M. says:

            We can all see quite plainly that the trannies (and their various fellow travelers) are, in fact, coming for our kids. In one relatively brief period last summer, I heard of three young girls who had gotten caught up in the tranny cult. None of them came up with this nonsense themselves: they were all groomed.

            You’ll pardon me a bit of radicalization when it comes to an ideology that wants to spay and neuter my children.

            May the judgment of God come swiftly. Repent and believe in Jesus while there is still time.


            1. Rocketguy says:

              We need to keep pointing out – trannies can’t reproduce so they have to recruit.


              1. John M. says:

                Anita Bryant’s ability to forecast the future is running about a million percent better than the climate catastrophists’.


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