Like a moth to a flame. . . I, for no good reason, seek and acquire these old custom 45s. Often with no pedigree, sometimes crudely executed, sometimes masterfully, and occasionally some of both. The reason I tell myself, I suppose, is the desire to study other and older methods, styles, and executions, many that came and went long before I picked up a file. Deep down, I think it has more to do with the piece of a man’s soul that was imparted to custom gun, and finding that, and perhaps telling his story is important to me.

This example has all of that, No pedigree, at least that I can tie to it from what I see. Some of the work is expertly done, while some of it you can sense his hesitation or lack of familiarity with the process but dammit, he tried. He put it into iron presumably for a paying customer. These things mean very little to most, and are often overlooked by many a casual observer, but it impresses me. I would have liked to known the fella that did this work, as there are pointers we could share in both directions on a few things.

Because I am a sap, and at times a mediocre businessman, I will hang on to this no-name Colt for a bit, and freshen it up, burning some time money and effort for what little gain may be found at the other end. I for one hope it will see another 40 years of service to its next owner, and maybe keep that Smith’s legacy alive in some small way.-Karl

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