From Thereaper1.1 Instagram.

*more of a reminder than how to, use that big brain of yours and think ahead. Spoon feeding is for babies

Let’s respond to the first question many of you are going to ask: “How much fingerprint does it take to create a match”
You’re asking the wrong question, because om conflict your opponents don’t need a match, just a close enough for a suspect, which then ends in a face the wall scenario
The better question is “how can I prevent my enemy finding me through finger prints?” Which we will answer.

If you’re asking why this matters, we reccomend unfollowing us and going back to watching edits of 1r1s while eating fast food. Stay comfortable our sweet cannon fodder.

Starting off
Things we can get fingerprints on:
Everything. Like: guns, mags and brass to start. Car doors and handles, buttons, water containers, anything plastic or metal on kit and anything for that matter, you get the deal.

Focusing on what’s on us first:
Ammo gun and mags should be completely wiped down with clorox wipes and dried down with another rag. Both of these should be new and not handled with anything that can spread dna. The ammo mags and gun should be handled with gloves at all times. From prep to op finish.

Any disposal or possible disposable outerwear should be wiped down where ever there is not cloth.

Any vehicles planned on being used should get a top down clorox bath, inch by inch, inside and out. And then do it again.

Reduce your chances of opfor catching you.
Again most important of all is the brass and mags since you may (will) lose them. Security works in layers, don’t make an enemys job easy.
When in doubt wipe it down.


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