He surrounds himself with extreme Leftists in every way possible. Its been obvious as to Ian’s politics for a while to those with brains

The huge ongoing thread over at AR15.com detailing what kind of man Karl of InrangeTV got locked from Karl’s far left activist buddies creating accounts and causing trouble. But a new one popped up and some interesting things are developing.

Karl and Ian and another shitbag had a thing going with Brownells so sell tat retarded WWSD ( what would stoner do)carbine. That is now over and Brownells is dumping them now at a huge discount.

Karl’s reddit brigade has started reeeeeeeing about it and is now trying to get AR15 and everyone associated with it, deplatformed and cancelled.

After making a community post about the WWSD carbine on his youtube channel, Ian has started deleting all comments calling out Karl or questioning his recent behavior while at the same time signal boosting positive comments. You could have watched it happen in real time last night. The supposed apolitical Ian taking a very real political stance. Keep in mind this is a man who is friends with mainly far left activists and a man who defends using guns to protect people doing drag queen shows for children.

This thread isn’t just “gun community eating itself drama” this is the real culture war going on right here.

People like Ian and Karl got big enough to actually influence a lot of smooth brained people and to signal boost the ideas of the most revolting type of creatures on earth. Karl has been openly doing it on his channel and social media, Ian doing it likely privately but also by normalizing it by openly being friends and business partners with a whole slew of far left activists radicals like Karl etc.

People who just can’t see, or admit that Ian is just a slightly more business savvy version of Karl are in complete denial and probably shouldn’t vote.



  1. LSWCHP says:

    Being a foreigner, Im not really following all this shit. That being said, the Forgotten Weapons guy has always seemed immensely knowledgeable about firearms, but kinda weird and limp wristed, if you know what I mean. It’s a strange combination.


    1. Shawn says:

      He is a leftist that is hides it from his audience so as not to lose money


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