GRINNELL, Iowa (February 8, 2023) -– Brownells Super Barrel V is here, giving Brownells customers their chance to win 14,000 rounds of Winchester 5.56 ammo – a retail value of more than $7,000.

Starting Wednesday, February 8, contestants can enter several different ways at the Brownells Super Barrel page for their chance to win the enormous barrel full of 55 grain FMJ ammunition.

By itself, the ammo weighs as much as 484 12-ounce cans of America’s favorite macro brew, or the equivalent of more than 500 bags of tortilla chips.

A range day with family and friends and this much 5.56 ammo would be way more fun than the biggest tailgate party in pro football history.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm February 15. Then one lucky winner will be chosen to receive the enormous barrel full Winchester ammunition.

For more information, and a chance to win, visit the Brownells Super Barrel page.

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  1. James says:

    Sure,would be nice to win but value @ .50 a round(especially with large amount)is too much,Winchester can be bought for less delivered and much smaller amounts.

    Reminds me of drug busts when cops claimed a “street value”,always got a good laugh at that.

    Anyhow,best of luck to those who enter,your neighbors may hate you for a bit!


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